Skärmbild från YouTube: Gageego! under konsert

Video: Spring Music Festival

Snippets from the Vårmusikfestivalen (Spring Music Festival) in Gothenburg, 14-16:th of march 2014. Gageego! and several other musicians captured during a number of performances.

Video med Gageego! - Rome

Full length concert video: Rome

Gagegoo! captured live, performing the Rome-themed concert in October 2016.  Join Gageego! on a weekend trip to Rome, where the travellers will meet, among others, master Franco Donatoni, and the eccentric Giacinto Scelsi, the mystic whose astounding music seems other-worldly. Conducted by Christian Karlsen. Recorded by Gothenburg Concert Hall. Read more …

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Stillbild från videodokumentation av dans/musikföreställningen LINIER


A performance by choreographer Gun Lund, E=mc² Dance and music ensemble Gageego! Music by Luciano Berio, Victor Varela and Lars Sandberg. Dancers: Gunilla Jansson, Adèle St-Aubin, Karin Taliga, Åsa Thegerström. Musicians: Mikael Kjellgren, Mårten Landström (piano), Jonas Larsson, Per Sjögren (percussion) Premiered at 3:e Våningen in Göteborg September 2015. …

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