Från Croft till Grisey – Gageego!

From Croft to Grisey

In 2018 – 2019, Gageego! goes out hunting for contemporary links, the starting point being composers that the ensemble has longed to perform for a long time and favourite composers. Based on these Gageego! icons, the ensemble has searched, traced and sniffed out (googled!) its way to the …

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Sveriges Radio P2 logotyp

Radio special featuring Gageego!

The Swedish national radio – Sveriges Radio – recently broadcast a Gageego! feature, combining recordings from two recent concerts; A Tale of Four Cities – Paris and Jubileumskonserten

Radio host Sofie Almroth’s introductions will regrettably be lost on Non-Swedish-speaking listeners, but using the player below, you can easily skip to the music (which begins at 2:15).

It starts off with spectral music (or is it sounds of breathing and heart beats?), produced by two bass drums…

You will hear close to two hours of fresh music signed, among others, Karen Tanaka, Klas Torstensson, Joakim Sandgren, Benjamin Staern, Per Mårtensson, Grisey and Romitelli.

Streams only available for a limited time.

Video med Gageego! - Rome

Full length concert video: Rome

Gagegoo! captured live, performing the Rome-themed concert in October 2016.  Join Gageego! on a weekend trip to Rome, where the travellers will meet, among others, master Franco Donatoni, and the eccentric Giacinto Scelsi, the mystic whose astounding music seems other-worldly. Conducted by Christian Karlsen. Recorded by Gothenburg Concert Hall. Read more …

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