Connect – Paradoxes

Welcome to this year’s CONNECT festival in downtown Malmö. The theme Paradoxes explores its essence in music as well as in life. Gageego! will perform a string of brand new music by young composers.

Magnetic Fields – Magic Realism

This evening’s programme is permeated by sounds of attraction. As if conjured up by magnetism, sounds are produced in the most diverse and imaginative ways when Gageego! plays limitless music by Cleare, Holloway-Nahum and Iannotta. It is as if the music is invoked from whence it was previously …

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Gageego! i Göteborgs konserthus

For the first time

Join us as three specially commissioned works are played for the audience for the very first time. Experiences the ears have never before had the pleasure to experience.

Logotyp för Göteborg International Organ Academy

Göteborg International Organ Festival

Creative Collisions V: Rei Munakata, an extended Gageego! and two organists – Ligita Sneibe och Hans Davidsson – perform a work commissioned by Swedish Radios, and much more.

Rei Munakata

GSOPlay: low fidelity

A first performance that finally, thanks to GSOPlay, can meet its audience: Joshua Wat’s somber soundscapes, inspired by his native Hong Kong.

Rei Munakata dirigerar Gageego!

GSOPlay: Tackatta

Recorded for GSOPlay in may 2020, this is Gageego! presenting the original, first performance of Tackatta, composed by Nino Hellberg Håkansson.

Studenter vid Högskolan för scen och musik vid Göteborgs universitet

Composition students meet Ensemble Dasein & Gageego!

Live on YouTube: Students from the bachelor’s programme in composition present their own projects. The students have composed work for the groups Ensemble Dasein (Year 1) och Gageego” (Year 2 and 3). Gageego! will in the second half of the programme perform the following works: Jakob Thonander Glans 6 …

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Gageego! i Göteborgs konserthus

Music free in their systems

Georg Friedrich Haas sets the tone for this concert with his ambivalent piece AUS:WEG. Which can mean “the way out” or “stop, get out”. But it is also open to other interpretations. Which the composer pointed out, amused… New works from the Swedish composers Kajsa Antonsson and Esaias …

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