Swedish Chamber Games: the winners

The final of the composition competition where the music of the three winners is performed by the musicians in Gageego!. A collaboration with Föreningen Svenska Tonsättare and Stim.

During the spring of 2020, Swedish composers were invited to submit their entries to the competition. 100 works were submitted. An international jury consisting of representatives from the ensembles participating in the project has now selected its winners:

Winner in the category solo works: Britta Byström: Baum in der Stadt Winner in the category duet works: Henrik Denerin: totenkopf  Winner in the category ensemble works: Leilei Tian: The Hymn of the Pearl

The prize money is SEK 50,000 in each category. The winners of the Swedish Chamber Games will gather at a concert in Gothenburg Concert Hall on October 10, 2020, where the works will be performed by Gageego !. The concert will be carried out in a form that is adapted to the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations and in accordance with Swedish law for the current period.

The overall theme of the games is: The Art of Conversation.

Swedish Chamber Games
Swedish Chamber Games – 10 October @ 19:00

Stim's promotional committee has initiated a new competition for Swedish contemporary chamber music composers. During the spring of 2020, Swedish composers were able to submit their contributions to the competition, which resulted in 100 submitted works. The overall theme for the games is The Art of Conversation and ...

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