Hans Ek dirigerar Beats Sounds and Strings

Listen: Beats Sounds and Strings

In this live recording from Tryckeriet, Helsingborg 10 June 2022, we hear Hans Ek conducting Gageego!, Elefantöra and the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra.

Things take off with the premiere of the new piece Beats Sounds and Strings and continues with the concert in its entirety.

Gageego! · Gageego! HSO Elefantöra med Hans Ek

List of works

Ek Beats Sounds and Strings / Original Performance
Kraftwerk Franz Schubert
Moon Dog New Amsterdam
Vivier Pulau Dewata
Pärt Silouans Song
Eno Emerald and Lime
Kraftwerk Franz Schubert
Ek Beats Sounds and Strings

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