Stillbild från videodokumentation av dans/musikföreställningen LINIER


A performance by choreographer Gun Lund, E=mc² Dance and music ensemble Gageego!

Music by Luciano Berio, Victor Varela and Lars Sandberg.
Dancers: Gunilla Jansson, Adèle St-Aubin, Karin Taliga, Åsa Thegerström.
Musicians: Mikael Kjellgren, Mårten Landström (piano), Jonas Larsson, Per Sjögren (percussion)

Premiered at 3:e Våningen in Göteborg September 2015.

Duration of performance: approx 50 minutes (the documentation is 40 minutes, without intermission between the two dance sections.)

The dance piece LINIER is based on a music composition – Linea (1973) – by Luciano Berio. One of the artist’s references is by Umberto Eco’s notion of the “open work.” In the words of Berio himself when describing Linea, the choreographer Gun Lund opens the piece “as a lost object being rediscovered and thus being seen with a different and more penetrating gaze.