Rei Munakata dirigerar Gageego!

GSOPlay: Tackatta

In may 2020, Gageego! was scheduled to perform composer Nino Hellberg Håkansson latest work Tackatta. Restrictions due to the Corona pandemic undid those plans, but a concert was given nonetheless, in front of the Gothenburg Concert Hall’s sophisticated cameras and microphones.

Now, this performance is available for a limited time below and on GSOPlay.

Composer Nino Hellberg Håkansson is a methodical composer. In a master’s thesis, he has investigated how three of his compositions, using three different composition methods, are structured. The first one is to build the form of the work first and then the detailed material, according to this structure. The second is to work directly on small musical fragments that are later put together into a larger form. The third way is a combination of the first two, where one works with musical fragments while having a large form that they must fit into.

Conclusion: to combine the first and second working methods to find a work process that is personal, while trying to innovate by working methods you are not comfortable with. The piece Tackatta was composed under the guidance of Malin Bång in the composition class at the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg.


Nino Hellberg Håkansson Tackatta

Conductor Rei Munakata