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Kirurgisk procedur för Elena Rykovas "101% mind uploading".

Conflicting images

Half-way gallery

The concert series Music of Conflicts is in the middle of its path around Europe – the following concerts are scheduled for spring 2018. Here, we present a few photos from the journey so far.

The moments above depict Gageego! in a dire situation, from The Music of Conflicts; Moscow. The ensemble performs Elena Rykova’s 101% mind uploading. The surgery was successful but the patient died.

All the concerts in the series are preceeded by a chat with a featured composer, often augmented with perspectives from the musicians. Here,  Esaias Järnegard first talks to Gageego!’s Johanna Persson and then the with Russian composer Alexander Khubeev.

Anders Jonhäll and Ragnar Arnberg teased the audience with both shadow play and a total blow-out in Bramputapsel # 2 by Vladimir Gorlinsky..

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