New Music: New Audiences

New Music: New Audiences – EU, Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme

New Music: New Audiences

New Music: New Audiences (New:Aud) is a European cultural project. From 17 European countries, 16 music organisations and 31 ensembles specializing in contemporary music will be gathering to take part. Together, they will be exploring tomorrow’s concert forms and developing new ways of communicating with the audience. At the same time the ensembles will exchange repertoire, performing each other’s music for a new audience.

Gageego! brings exciting music

Gageego! joins KammarensembleN and Society of Swedish Composers as the project’s Swedish participants. Gageego! has from its repertoire submitted works from 15 different composers to share with the other ensembles.

The kick-off

October 24 through 25, Gageego! will be in Bruxelles, at the official opening of New Music: New Audiences. The conference is a kick-off platform for the cooperation between the project’s 16 partner organizations and 31 ensembles.

Part of a pan-european effort

NewAud is a learning and experience project, offering its knowledge to everyone with an interest in audience development. New:Aud is being spearheaded by the Danish Composers’ Society, where the project management is anchored as well. New:Aud is supported by the European Union’s Cultural Programme and receives financial support from the Nordic Council of Ministers. See more about the project at