Konflikternas klanger: Jerusalem (illustration)

The Music of Conflict: Jerusalem

Can you imagine any city more intwined in conflicting agendas and passionate ideas? And it’s been going on for a couple of thousand years… Now, Gageego! approach the richness of Jerusalem with their eyes wide open – and a strong list of music.

This musical exposition highlights the openly political, the sweet poetical and the austerely introverted.


Chaya Czernowin Sheva
Chaya Czernowin Ina
Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari Kinky Kings
Dror Feiler 32° 43′ Nord 33° 31′ Ost – den 10 gewidmet
Amit Gilutz Beethoven Souvenirs
Sivan Cohen-Elias Air pressure

With the generous support of

Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation