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Spaces of Sounds

2021/03/07 @ 19:00 20:30

Ligita Sneibe, organist

Älvsborg & GIOA Quarantine Concerts presents Gageego! and organist Ligita Sneibe, live on YouTube och Facebook.

Works by Jenny Hettne, Madeleine Isaksson and Sven-Eric Johanson. Conducted by Rei Munakata and introduced by Esaias Järnegard.


Sven-Eric Johanson Concerto for organ and string orchestra
Madeleine Isaksson Ici est ailleurs, for flute, percussion, violin, viola, cello and double bass
Jenny Hettne Backdrifting


Organ: Ligita Sneibe
Conductor: Rei Munakata
Violin: Øyvor Volle, Helena Frankmar
Viola: Tuula Fleivik
Cello: Johan Stern
Double bass: Thomas Allin
Flutes: Anders Jonhäll
Trombone: Endre Vetås
Piano/Harmonium: Karin Birgersson
Percussion: Jonas Larsson, Martin Ödlund
Moderator: Esaias Järnegard

About the music

Concerto for organ and string orchestra (1946) is an early work by Sven-Eric Johanson (1919-1977) in three movements: Allegro moderato, Adagio ma non troppo and Allegro elastico. During his years in Uppsala, Johanson composed this concerto for the wedding of his friends Märta and Lars Edlund. The style is characterized by Hindemith’s musical language, a composer whose compositional technique was admired and studied by the young Swedish composers in the so-called Monday group to which Johanson belonged. For 25 years, between 1952 and 1977, Sven-Eric Johanson was organist in Älvsborg’s church. To our knowledge, today’s performance is the first time that the work is performed in its entirety on the sounds of this colorful and distinct instrument in Älvsborg’s church.

Ici est ailleurs [Here Is Elsewhere] for flute, percussion, violin, viola, cello and double bass was composed out of a form tableau, inspired by a photographic work by artist Jean-Louis Garnell, the triptych M 96. Composer Madeleine Isaksson (b. 1956) chose to call these three pictures (in French) Ici – est – ailleurs, (in Swedish) Här – är – annorstädes, [Here – Is – Elsewhere]. These basic parts are surrounded by an introduction (Prologue) and two interludes: Intervalle 1 and 2. When folded horizontally and vertically, each movement contains its contrary mirror, Ici/Ailleurs and Ailleurs/Ici. The encounter takes place in Est, as in the flowing movement which introduce and conclude the work. In Ici the string trio, violin, viola and cello play the main part, the double bass and flute are of secondary importance. In Ailleurs the relationship is reversed. A similar relationship is found in Intervalle 1 och 2. The percussion is present throughout the piece, but plays a main part in Est where the horizontal replaces the vertical range and role play of the other movements.

Backdrifting (2006) is an exploration of sound and timbre of the five inhomogeneous instruments, composed by Jenny Hettne (b. 1977). It is built up by two very different materials, both however relating to the transformation of an electroacoustic sound world into acoustic instruments. The first part of the piece is created out of spectral analysis of environmental sounds recorded in India, resulting in a harmonically and rhythmically chaotic material. The second part is inspired by the electronics in a Radiohead-song called “Backdrifts”, a simple rhythm and harmony, but a great variety of timbre.

Presented in partnership with Sensus.


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