Scenes from a Polyamorous Marriage

Three naked opera singers wearing party hats

2021/04/16 @ 19:00 21:00

Marie, Ann and Johan have been together for over ten years and have two children in common. After exploring identities during adolescence, all three landed in a pansexual polyamorous position. When we meet them, however, the everyday grip with toddler logistics, weekly shopping, career priorities, bathroom renovations, and so on, has put parts of life on autopilot. A dull scent of boredom has crept in. Like most parents of young children, they struggle and have found a decent balance. However, the balance is disturbed as suddenly as unexpectedly.

A drastically humorous chamber opera with eternal themes of love, morality, responsibility and tolerance. Performed in Swedish.

Performed at Cinnober Teater with eight persons in the audioence. Book your seat by sending an email to! Additional dates:

april 17, 15:00
april 18, 18:00
april 21, 19:00
april 22, 19:00
april 24, 18:00

Will return this autumn at Atalante, Gothenburg.

Music: Marie Samuelsson
Libretto: Klas Abrahamsson
Director: Gunilla Johansson Gyllenspetz
Art Director/Costume: Martin Eriksson
Lighting Design: Christofer W Fogelberg
Make-up: Linda Boije af Gennäs

Man must sing

Marie: Nina Ewald
Ann: Amanda Flodin
Johan: Karl Peter Eriksson


Clarinet: Gustav Wetterbrandt
Cello: Frida Bromander
Percussion: Jonas Larsson

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Göteborg, 413 18 Sverige
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