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The trombone is the main character of the new piece by Malin Bång. She has worked with the composition class of the Academy of music and drama in Gothenburg. The concert presents several first performances – a unique possibility to taste what’s on right now in contemporary music.

So how has Malin Bång and her composition students dealt with this challenge? It’s a privilege for the Gothenburg audience to discover. The concert also includes music by Swiss composer Katharina Rosenberger.

Malin Bång explored early on the acoustic instrument's capabilities of producing other sounds than traditional tones. Instead, her music often explores movement and energy. This is a concert that promises exciting encounters with the unpredictable, with contrasts, intensity and intimacy.

Malin Bång writes about her new music:

Malin Bång writes about her own piece:

"There are many memories from my childhood in Sävedalen that are strongly associated with sounds and tones. Our townhouse was close to both an ice cream factory, a garbage station, the railroad and the motor way. This counterpoint of constant noise that goes on in the distance was the soundtrack that always were present and constituted our version of silence … If the noise of a gradually changing nature constitutes the foundation of the piece, these influential experiences arise as fragments in the noise and act as bridges between the surroundings and the activities of life … By composing this piece, I have with pleasure and a certain dose of nostalgia explored the neighborhoods of my childhood, and have had the opportunity to rediscover the sounds with a new, precise listening.”

The concert also features a work by Swiss composer Katharina Rosenberger, who works in a similar spirit.


Katharina Rosenberger Shift
Malin Bång New piece, commissioned by Gageego!
Joshua Wat (composition student HSM) New piece
Nino Håkansson (composition student HSM) New piece

It doesn't get any newer than this.


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