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In Memoriam Kaija Saariaho

That Gageego! is participating during the Gothenburg International Organ Festival is a tradition. Details T.B.A., but make time in your calendar now and get ready for the concert in Vasakyrkan in Gothenburg. Programme Chamber Music and ...

Earlier events

Kalvs kyrka

Gageego! at Kalv Festival 2023

Gageego! is participating this year too! Don't miss this festival for contemporary music, arranged in a small village in a scenic area in the southern part of Västra Götaland, Sweden. Gageego! will be performning music by ...
Stenhammarsalen, Göteborgs konserthus

Magnetic Fields – Magic Realism

This evening’s programme is permeated by sounds of attraction. As if conjured up by magnetism, sounds are produced in the most diverse and imaginative ways when Gageego! plays limitless music by Cleare, Holloway-Nahum and Iannotta. It ...
Landstingssalen, Rådhuset

Connect – Paradoxes

Welcome to this year’s CONNECT festival in downtown Malmö. The theme Paradoxes explores its essence in music as well as in life. Gageego! will perform a string of brand new music by young composers. Free admission ...
Stora salen, Göteborgs konserthus

Late night: Gageego! in new organ piece

Step into a nocturnal sound world when the chamber ensemble Gageego! explores the possibilities of the organ and the ensemble in the enormous acoustics of the concert hall. Inspired by the new concert hall organ, Swedish ...
Stenhammarsalen, Göteborgs konserthus


Gageego! celebrates two pioneers: György Ligeti – who would have celebrated his 100th birthday next year – is celebrated with his wonderful 10 Pieces for Woodwind Quintet, and Karlheinz Stockhausen with the iconic Zeitmasse, the work ...
Kalvs kyrka


The rural community Kalv is a small village, located in a scenic area in the southern part of Västra Götaland. A few summer days each year, wonderful and strange sounds emerge from all corners of the ...
Hörsalen, Göteborgs stadsbibliotek

Gageego! at West Pride

Gageego! at West Pride The acclaimed children's opera "I do not know who I am and I love it" returns with two performances during West Pride. The Opera Salon this time is the City Library's auditorium ...

Hans Ek, Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra, Elefantöra & Gageego!

BEATS, SOUNDS AND STRINGS Conductor and composer Hans Ek joins forces with ShareMusic & Performing Arts ensemble Elefantöra, contemporary music specialists Gageego! and the strings of the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra. The result is a sound experience ...
Stenhammarsalen, Göteborgs konserthus

Gageego! & Ensemble l’Itinéraire

What is spectral music? The French Ensemble l’Itinéraire knows this pretty well. As early as the 1980s they created music that changes "timbres by bringing together orchestral masses". This is about chamber music, but the principle ...
Stenhammarsalen, Göteborgs konserthus

Music free in their systems

Georg Friedrich Haas sets the tone for this concert with his ambivalent piece AUS:WEG. Which can mean "the way out" or "stop, get out". But it is also open to other interpretations. Which the composer pointed ...

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