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  • Gageego! in Glasgow

    Gageego! in Glasgow

    Gageego! just returned from a most successful tour, the NordicMusicJourneys to Glasgow in a collaboration between Hebrides Ensemble, Royal Scottish National Orchestra and FST – Föreningen Svenska Tonsättare. We loved […]

  • High marks for Swedish music in Scotland

    High marks for Swedish music in Scotland

    “The virtuoso players of Gageego! demonstrated their familiarity with extended techniques on their instruments” writes The Herald, reviewing two recent concerts by Gageego!. Read the whole article here:

  • Update your autumn swag

    Update your autumn swag

    Get comfy in style with Gageego! sweaters, t-shirts and bags. Organic cotton, responsibly made just for you.

  • Listen: Days, Distant, Days

    Listen: Days, Distant, Days

    The first tempo instruction reads “playful, quirky”. It changes already the next beat to “suddenly downshifting”. The odd time signatures succeed each other at breakneck speed and some concentration is required to keep up. Here is the score, in sync with a live recording of Gageego!. Follow along!

  • Listen: Beats Sounds and Strings

    Listen: Beats Sounds and Strings

    In this live recording from Tryckeriet, Helsingborg 10 June 2022, we hear Hans Ek conducting Gageego!, Elefantöra and the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra. Things take off with the premiere of the […]

  • GSOPlay: low fidelity

    GSOPlay: low fidelity

    A first performance that finally, thanks to GSOPlay, can meet its audience: Joshua Wat’s somber soundscapes, inspired by his native Hong Kong.

  • GSOPlay: Tackatta

    GSOPlay: Tackatta

    Recorded for GSOPlay in may 2020, this is Gageego! presenting the original, first performance of Tackatta, composed by Nino Hellberg Håkansson.

  • GSOPlay: Rosenberger’s Shift

    GSOPlay: Rosenberger’s Shift

    From a concert that never met a live audience, due to the pandemic. But here it is: Gageego! and conductor Rei Munakata perform Shift by Katharina Rosenberger. Swiss composer Katharina Rosenberger […]