The first word

Anna Thorvaldsdottir

A long time ago, in ancient, prehistoric time, there was no language. Human vocalizations consisted of grunts, laughter, sneezes and hiccups.

In this age, a deeply spiritual and sensitive man lived his life in great frustration. One day, he felt the urge to undertake a long journey. He started to wander and walked for weeks without any specific destination, but not once did he hesitate in his choice of roads or in his determination. After walking a long time, he came to a mountain, a crown among the world’s mountains. It felt like a majestic revelation for him.

All the difficulties he had encountered during his trip fizzled at the sight of this mammoth-like topographic phenomenon. He began to climb this mountain, without any supply of food and water, defying the worst possible weather conditions. Still, his road to the top was a slow, terrible experience.

In the end, with a deep breath and with his absolute last powers, he pulled himself up on top of the highest point. There, perched on a small cliff, he collapsed. Laying there, unconscious, he balanced between life and death for several days.

Eventually, he woke up from his stupor. When he opened his eyes and slowly lifted his head, the most amazing sight greeted him. In every direction there was a cornucopia of pure beauty. Gently rolling hills with playful meandering streams as far as his eyes could reach. Colourful leaves in endless patterns decorated the view. He saw lakes, clear as crystal, rugged mountain ranges and green pastures. All this made him feel cleansed and refreshed in both body and mind, in the greatest and deepest way. In this historic moment he opened his mouth, and in a moment of total freedom and fulfillment he shouted, completely unparalleled, uninhibited, out over the world:

Far below, a boy passed by, peered up curiously and said:
– What?

He had pronounced the second word.