Foto på tonsättaren Salvatore Sciarrino

How to reach the enchanted?

Those who listen to Sciarrino become aware of themselves and their feelings. The music is introverted and expansive at the same time, sometimes like pigeons in a forest, sometimes like hyperventilating despair. You have to be quite the flautist to manage these sharp turns.

Gageego! Gig!


Gageego! start their season with well established contemporary music. Some of the dreamiest music you can hear. Alongside Norrbotten Neo, they perform American, British and Italian works that have been performed and loved again and again on the big concert stages of the world. But this page is …

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Anna Þorvaldsdóttir, foto Saga Sigurdardottir

Gageego! meets Anna Thorvaldsdottir

Gageego! welcomes composer Anna Thorvaldsdottir in a programme where Thorvaldsdottir’s music is centre stage, surrounded by everyone from her own role models to others of her generation. The music changes from harsh, sheer, tonal landscapes to dreamy moments and grunting, sudden rhythms and melodies. Conductor is Aaron Holloway-Nahum. Programme …

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Lund Contemporary 2019


Music Technology for all! Lunchtime concert during the festival Lund Contemporary 2019 Featured is the organisation Share Music & Performing Arts, student composers from Malmö Academy of Music, musicians from the ensemble Gageego, among others.

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