Critical conditions

Gageego! has is now half-way through their exploration of the Music of Conflicts. Before we move on, let’s take a look back.

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Konflikternas klanger: Darmstadt (illustration)

The Music of Conflict: Darmstadt

On the quest to find new dissonances, ...
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Konflikternas klanger: Jerusalem (illustration)

The Music of Conflict: Jerusalem

Can you imagine any city more intwined ...
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Konflikternas klanger: Madrid

The Music of Conflict: Madrid

From the founding as a Moorish city ...
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Beautiful bar scene - live chamber music ...
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Logotyp för danska tidskriften Seismograf/DMT

Review in Seismograf

Danish Seismograf/DMT - dubbing itself the oldest ...
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Dunkers kulturhus

sounds like: Gageego!

Gageego! is going south - but actually ...
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