The Man Hanged

In this brand new re-imagening of Eight Songs for a Mad King, the ensemble brings new dimensions to the piece by using Body Suspension. Members of the cast will be hanging in hooks, piercing their skin. During suspension, the biophysical instrument Xth Sense will pick up sounds from the bodies using sensors, transforming them into electroacoustic music. Baryton superstar Joa Helgesson and the cast will create an extreme physical presence to evoke the ”sounds made by human beings under extreme duress, physical and mental” as composer Peter Maxwell Davies envisioned for the original work of 1969.

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Gissa ljudet! 9

Guess That Sound! 9

We're in the middle of rehearsals for ...
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Kirurgisk procedur för Elena Rykovas "101% mind uploading".

Conflicting images

Half-way gallery The concert series Music of ...
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Logotyp för danska tidskriften Seismograf/DMT

Review in Seismograf

Danish Seismograf/DMT - dubbing itself the oldest ...
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Gissa ljudet! 7

Guess That Sound! 7

What's clanging, swirling and swaying? Listen to ...
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